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RTK Enhancements:

The following RetireTool(k)it enhancements are now available:

I. Enhanced Login Page
a. The login page will now have Matrix’s contact information for new users to request credentials
b. Multiple users cannot use the same credentials at the same time for security purposes
II.Fund Search
a. Users now have the ability to mark funds as QDIA
III.Proposal Reports
a. Tickers have been added to the Schedule of Funds report
b. Fund Matrix report now shows the actual year-end date in the YTD column
c. Model names will appear in Investment Policy Statement and Schedule of Funds reports
d. QDIA’s are indicated in Investment Policy Statement and Schedule of Funds reports
IV.TPA Notifications
The selected TPA/Recordkeeper for a proposal on a Broker/Dealer platform will now receive an email detailing the plan name, fund lineup, and advisor name and email address.

Please be sure to clear your cache if you experience issues with the enhancements.

In the News

8/18/2014 -
Matrix Financial Solutions launches ModelTool(k)it solution for Financial Advisors and Retirement Plan Providers. ModelTool(k)it is a comprehensive modeling and unitization solution for mutual fund and ETF based portfolios. Easy-to-use and efficient, ModelTool(k)it’s interface and innovative technology offers 401(k) plan professionals a resource to quickly and easily manage and implement managed accounts, simplifying the sophisticated model management process

Click here for more information.

8/11/2014 -

Matrix has entered into an agreement with fi360 to provide the monthly Broker/Dealer data feed for Advisors that are using the fi360 Tool(k)it and that have plans custodied at Matrix.  The monthly data feed will update the plan level details on the fi360 Tool(k)it and remove the monthly manual process that Advisors have had in the past.  An Advisor that would like to have his/her plans included on the monthly data feed needs to instruct fi360 which plans need to be added by adding their rep id (provided by their Broker Dealer) to the fi360 Toolkit.  fi360 will then give Matrix instructions on which plans need to be added to the data feed.  For advisors that need assistance with this process, please contact Mike Limbacher with fi360 at 412-221-0292 ext. 205 or

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